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Since 2017


Muskegon, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-740-1314 - Email:

Type of Ministry

Restoration Ministry to the incarcerated and the poor through prayer, discipleship and serving healthy food.


With fourteen years of experience. Have been serving gourmet meals to teh incarcerated and homeless for several years now through Fruitful Ministries. Making healthy food choices available to all people. Serving people with love one plate at a time!

Vision of Ministry

To love those less fortunate through edification and discipleship while serving wholesome and nutritious foods.

Chaplains Testimony

I gave my heart to Jesus as a little girl and was so touched one day by a missionary who came to our church and told us about all the people in the world who do not know about Jesus. I made it my mission to tell everyone about the love of Jesus from that day on. He has been so good to me and has loved me so much that I find myself doing the same especially to those who do not know this love. I have made it my mission in life to love and disciple the least of these people with His love and feed them nutritious homemade meals every day. We must have love one for another and feeding homeless, poor, and incarcerated with gourmet wholesome foods as well as the wholesome word of God helps to fulfill this divine purpose and commandment given us by God..

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