Timothy TJ Van Dyke Copyright - Used with Permission...


March 2017


Whitehall, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-893-8088 - Email: ewings4031{@}yahoo.com

Type of Ministry

Intercessor, Teaching, Enhancing Opportunities at work.


Over twenty years of Intercession and Teaching

Vision of Ministry

To Continue to fulfil the ministry God has given me.

Chaplains Testimony

During my senior year in High School the Holy Spirit moved me to talk to my Pastor and at that time things took a slight change in my walk with Jesus. Most of my young life was involved in the life of the church, I never turned my back, but just saw it as something I was supposed to do... I was always searching for more but I could never find, I never filled my life with drugs, alcohol or sex etc., but I a had low self esteem of myself..., I was a people pleaser. In my early mid twenties God placed people in my life that challenged my bible learning and that is when the Holy Spirit opened me up to a closer walk. ... I have grown spiritully and have continued to be a part of ministries in the church and in my work place.

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