Suprina V. Walvekar Copyright - Used with Permission...


Since 2014


Bloomfield, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 248-943-8184 - Email:

Type of Ministry

Evangelist and Prophetic Intercession.


With four years of experience I have shared my testimony at several churches, radio and T.V. shows.

Vision of Ministry

To preach the gospel and share my testimony with those of other faiths outside of Christ Jesus.

Chaplains Testimony

I grew up with an atheist father and a Hindu mother from India here in the United States. Throughout my life I had been searching for the truth, and finally, after trying out every religion, including Hinduism and New Age Mysticism, I cried out to the God of Truth and Jesus made Himself known to me. I was watching a Sid Roth T.V. show and gave my heart to Jesus. Many signs and wonders happened after I became born again and I fell in love with Jesus.

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