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August 2017


Maple Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 989-682-0169 - Email: strong14christ{@}

Type of Ministry

Intercession, Helps, Sermon Writing on FB Blog.


I have been involved in Media, Intercession, Prophetic Art, Hospitality, Cleaning and Youth + Childrens Ministries.

Vision of Ministry

My call and mandate in life is to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to everyone I meet.

Chaplains Testimony

One year after my mom died, I hit rock bottom, was addicted to drugs, alchol, porn, gambling and was living as a proclaimed homosexual. I realised I couldnt fill the hole in my heart. After a three day drug bing and suicide attemps I walked into a church broken and lost. I walked out saved, forgiven, delivered and Redeemed! Since then I have become passionate about the truth of God's word and sharing it with everyone.

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