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Since 2017


Muskegon, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-670-1530 - Email:

Type of Ministry

Evangelism, Intercession, Helps and Healing Ministry.


With six years of experience. De Clolores Ministries. Ministered with employees who have suffered grief or needed healing as well as leading them to Christ Jesus.

Vision of Ministry

To have a heart to see others healed and to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Chaplains Testimony

My early life was a complete mess, sold drugs, used drugs, prostituted women, lousy father and husband. In my early adult life I robbed my own parents, lost my children and was facing a very long prison sentance. After reading the Left Behind series, I wanted to know the truth about God and started to study the bible. I decided, no matter what happened to me, prison or not, I was going to give my life to God because I most certainly had messed my life up. After giving my heart to Jesus I knew no matter what happened to me I was OK with. A lawyer showed up and offered his help to me and I didn't want it, but he convinced me that prison was not what anyone wanted for me even though I deserved it. I was realeased. I found that when I was challenged by things, I would just pray, even when I started to doubt that there was a God in my many trails He would make Himself known to me and prove again that He really loved me. There was just too much evidence in my life to prove His existence. As a child I was diagnosed Bipolar, manic depressive with psycohotic tendenceies. I had anxiety that crippled me, night terrors daily. I had severe anger and violence issues. I really hated people. So when I accepted Christ Jesus all those things were gone. You see, I did not find Jesus, I Just finally let Him catch me. All the bad of my life was totally restored to good and multiplied immensly.

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