Steven S. Weinberg-Edmonds Copyright - Used with Permission...


March 2016


Redford, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 313-247-7980 - Email: revivalfirescottyeds{@}

Type of Ministry

Street Prophetic-evangelism, apostolic anointing


Four years operating within the areas of Prophetic Street Evangelism and Apostolic Annointing

Vision of Ministry

Prophetic Street Evangelism

Chaplains Testimony

I was Saved in 1984. I attended and experienced the Brownsville revival in 1993 where I received inner healing and deliverence - {Tom and Deb Hill 1998-1999}. Over the last 4 years, God has had me go to places to help me and other people experience and see his power. I have prayed for and prophesied people into their purpose, healing and helped them to gain a spiritual focus on Jesus within their life and business where I worked or work at now.

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