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March 2017


Whitehall, Michigan, U.S.A.



Contact Information

Phone: 231-343-4301 - Email: listeningnow2him{@}yahoo.com

Type of Ministry

Intercession and Evangelism


Over thirteen years of listening to God

Vision of Ministry

To continue to fulfil the word of God within my life.

Chaplains Testimony

Before I was saved and born again, at the age of twelve, I was a broken child. A child of divorce and anger, even though I grew up in a Christian home I saw the hypocrisy, the deep void and lonliness inside myself. I knew this was'nt right somewhere in myself. I would have imaginary conversations with the Lord and tell Him 'I would live and be "right" by myself'. Then when I would recieve praise from anyone condoning my actions or words I would feel justified and prideful. I was also proud of myself for not being a cryer and pretty unemotional. Then my father remarried. It was during this difficult transition of blending her three children with me and my sister that I broke down and cried out to Him that I could'nt do it on my own anymore... I did'nt want to do it alone anymore. I knew enough about His goodness and kindness to know He would come if I called. When I did He was right there and He changed me. .... continued on file.

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