Philip M. Harrigan Copyright - Used with Permission...


March 1917


Monroe, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 734-819-4945 - Email: phillipharrigan8121{@}

Type of Ministry

Pastor, Teacher, Healing, Prophetic Evangelist, Helps and Intercession.


Received a Certificate at the Gathering for Prophetic Class by Amy Cashen Terry. Was televsion minister manager for Good Ground for about a year. The Lord has most sucessefuly used me in one to one ministry. When I was much younger I sought happiness as we all do and found that I could never get to that lasting happiness

Vision of Ministry

To continue to pray for those in need and who require healing.

Chaplains Testimony

Attended a year in bible colledge at Christ for the Nations. On the board of Directors for Good Ground Evangelistic Association and undertood a correspondence degree course with Good Ground Ministry. Also did two more courses with Good Ground Ministry for higher Degree, but failed to complete.

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