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Since 2017


Muskegon, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-955-9515 - Email: pattims2003{@}

Type of Ministry

Praise & Worship, Hosptitality and Intercession.


Over 26 years.

Vision of Ministry

To continue within the call of God upon my life.

Chaplains Testimony

I was a senior in high school when I met the Lord. I was invited to hear a speaker at a Teen Challenge facility and although I had never heard of Teen Challenge I agreed to go. A Gentleman was sharing his experience of being taken up to heaven, I thought 'no way, this guy is crazy' when he was finished two women started praying for people and the people they prayed for were falling down. I decide that I wanted to know what is happening, 'are they fainting?'. The older women was mentoring the younger and she instructed me to hold out my hands and say 'thank you Jesus' then she spoke to the younger women and asked her to touch her fingers in the palm of my hand and ask God to touch me. I felt power flow into me and up my arm and the next thing I knew I was on the floor! I got up crying, not knowing what had happened, but for the first time I was in the tangible presence of the maker of all things. He was / is clean and pure and I felt dirty compared to him, nothing like him but a great desire to be like him started in my spirit.

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