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March 2017


Montague, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-893-6337 - Email: ajoyfulmog{@}

Type of Ministry

Prophetic Healing (inner healing) Worship and Artist


Over twenty five years of experience as a midwife, healing, deliverance and Missions

Vision of Ministry

To continue to fulfil the purpose of God in my life and ministry,

Chaplains Testimony

At twelve years of age I heard the word of God in Sunday school and the world and colours became vivid and I knew God was real.... at the age of twenty two in depression and in a dark lifestyle with two babies I again heard the gospel I had forgot about, it was on TV, with Tim and Tammy Baker, she spoke but Jesus was talking to me about peace and Joy and giving him my junk, on my knees I cried out for the Lord. It was a strong, bold, purifying call to him.... four and a half years ago I encountered the Holy Spirit powerfully and for the first time I understood who he is... His power and love came upon me for people, all my offense, depression and pain (physical) began to quickly disappear in Jesus name. The word began to draw me in a new revelatory way, my family and I began to see healings, miracles, get words and visions, dreams, I began to travel in pray and long for worship, it gets better everyday, praise God.

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