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Since 2017


Swactz Creek, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 517-528-2709 - Email: propheticwol{@}

Type of Ministry

Prophetic, Apostolic, Pastor and Teacher.


Prophetic Teaching in Victory Biker Church.

Vision of Ministry

Prophetic School to train up Prophets....

Chaplains Testimony

I accepted Jesus when I was Ten years old and walked away from Him at forteen. Over the next 20 years I spent seeking ways to fill that God sized hole in my life with the world and what it has to offer. Then one Sunday morning I heard the Holy Spirit say, while flipping through the t.v. channesl and landed on Kenneth Copeland, "you've been running long enough, It's time to come home". I've been serving him ever since.

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