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Since 2016


Highland Park, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 313-920-0312 - Email: pnuema.intelligence{@}gmail.com

Type of Ministry

An apostolic prophet called to the nation.


Kurt Swanson, is currently a program assistant at the Skillman Foundation, a Detroit-based foundation dedicated to addressing the needs of children in Detroit by creating pathways of opportunity, from the cradle to college.

Vision of Ministry

To earnestly contend for the faith and to speak words of the Most High God into other people’s lives not based upon the wisdom of men. To allow the Holy Spirit to guide and manifest His power in all ministry functions worldwide.

Chaplains Testimony

Kurt is passionate and sensitive to the needs and issues affecting men, women and children, but especially in the domestic violence awareness arena.

As a result, Kurt has embarked on a path to secure a bachelor’s of public affairs with a concentration in governance (state, local and federal) from Wayne State University, because he realized that the best way to affect change, is from within the systems of government that create law and policy.

To date, Kurt has served in nonprofit, philanthropic, and political as well as faith based communities in several capacities including operations, administration and leadership.

Kurt received a dual appointment to the Highland Park Board of Education and the Highland Park Board of Commissioners. He was subsequently elected as vice president of the Board of Education and president of the Housing Commission.

Kurt previously served as a deacon, an alter worker, on the administrative team as well as on the leadership advisory board at The River Church under the leadership of Pastor Marlin J. Reid in Southfield, MI and is currently serving in apostolic and prophetic ministry at Worldwide Prophetic Kingdom Ministries in Lincoln Park, MI under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Charisse Lewis.

Kurt is also thankful to be an incorporator of Still Standing, Inc., the faith-based nonprofit parent organization of RedeeMEd, a Christ-centered male batterers intervention program in Detroit, MI changing the lives of men that have battered and abused women and children by the renewing of their minds.

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