Josephine Carter Copyright - Used with Permission...


June 2017


Kentwood, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 616-723-6674 - Email: jcater920{@}

Type of Ministry

Intercessor, Evangelist, Prayer Warrior.


Over ten years of Experience in the area of Evangelism and Street ministry.

Vision of Ministry

To continue to reach out to the lost and hurting on the steets of our cities.

Chaplains Testimony

I was in church and it became very still like the eye of a tornadoe then God the Father said 'Do you know my Son Jesus.' Two weeks later I lost my job and got a new one, I entered homes - I went to Mary Ellen VanBelkum she had Charisma Magazines, she asked me to churchj - I was baptised in the Holy Spirit and fire, and went to Grand Hotel and was baptised in water.

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