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March 2017


Montague, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-292-2227 - Email: jtpendell{@}

Type of Ministry

Pastoral, Marriage, Teaching


Eight years of ministry encompassing Eldership and youth ministry

Vision of Ministry

To see lives changed, and marriages restored.

Chaplains Testimony

I grew up in a christian home with a Lutheran background and went to a christian school from pre school to 8th grade. I learnt he foundational truth that Jesus saves but never met him and when I was 19 my best friend was killed in a car accident, he had surrendered his life to Christ the year before and was on fire for the Lord, i however was not 'ready' for this, but the seed was planted. I began to seed the Lord more and in July 1998 i surrendered my life to Christ. I am married, but even before I married God had put on my heart that my wife (then friend) were going to do something for marriages. We began attending a new church when we had been married for seven years and were asked to teach the pre marriage class. As a result we eventually began a marriage ministry at our own church and have seen countless lives changed, people saved and marriages restored.

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