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July 2017


Muskegon, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 231-557-3947 - Email: hallfamily4{@}

Type of Ministry

Youth Ministry, Prayer, Marriage, Helps.


I have served Him over eighteen years alongside my husband.

Vision of Ministry

I seek to continue to grow into a prayer warrior for Him, continuing to grow stronger for Him and His Kingdom.

Chaplains Testimony

Born and raised in an active Catholic family, I always knew who Jesus was; however, my relationship with Him began in 2000 when visiting a christian counsellor a friend recommended for me to meet for marriage ministry. He asked me if Jesus was in my heart and I had always presumed He was in all our hearts. I never knew it was our free will nor that I needed to invite Him in. He asked me to read scripture with him and then asked me to pray with him and to invite Jesus into my heart. It was a transforming moment that changed my life, changed my marriage, my path as a mom, daughter and disciple.

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