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Since 2017


Stirling Heights, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 586-563-6094 - Email: janforyou317{@}gmail.com

Type of Ministry

Marriage and Womens Ministries.


With two years of expeience ministering to women who have been hurt and wounded. Focused on healthy marriages as well as providing tools for married couples that will encourage and strengthen their lives together through Christ Jesus. Was in the Army for nine years and currently working at the airport for over twenty years. I am a cerified Nurse Assistant.

Vision of Ministry

To bring hope and restoration knowledge to hurting women and encouraging married couples to stay strong in their marriage.

Chaplains Testimony

Was invited to church six years ago and heard the powerful word of God prophetically for my life. I gave my heart to Jesus and His passion and burdens were quickly put on my heart for others.

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