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Since 2017


Holt, Michigan, U.S.A.


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 517-604-0789 - Email: diane22k{@}hotmail.com

Type of Ministry

Operates in the areas of Healing, Intercession, Helps and Friendship.


Over ten years experience in the area of evangelism through healing.

Vision of Ministry

To fulfil her ministry by caring for the least of these (the wounded and broken hearted).

Chaplains Testimony

The Lord Jesus Christ has saved my life numerous times starting at my birth - I was born dead, blue not breathing, and no heart beat. My mom asked Jesus 'Please' and I took my first breath! There were several other times when he showed me that my time was not done on earth. ... He has never given up on me, so why would I not trust Him, and believe in myself. I am thankful for all of my past, present and future adventures. If I had not gone through the things... I would'nt be who I am and where I am today!! One of the things I live by, to take the person in front of me, where they are at, because that where / who they're supposed to be at that moment.

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