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Since 2004


Lansing, Michigan, USA


Senior Chaplain

Contact Information

Phone: 517-393-7038 - Email: brandonleathers{@}

Type of Ministry

Apostolic Evangelism, Music Ministry, Prophetic Missions and Intercession.


Thirteen years of Ministerial Experience. Has been training Street Evangelist teams to carry the Gospel throughout the country as well as stage Christian Rap Concerts to reach the lost and edify the remnant to continue the work of the Cross. Have travelled across the United States bringing the Gospel message to various ministries and street venues. Currently the President of Path Changer Global Inintiative, a humanitarian ministry to those in need.

Vision of Ministry

To assist the apostolic prophetic works globally. Raising up storehouses to be able to provide for those in need around the world. To evangelise through music in the venue of Christian Rap. To train others for the work of evangelism worldwide.

Chaplains Testimony

Gave my heart to Jesus in 2003 in Lansing, Michigan after reading a book called Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary Kay Baxter. Had a powerful effect on me. Having been raised in I really never considered whether or not I was saved until I read Mary Kay Baxter's book. It unlocked all the gifts the Lord had given me and now I serve full time the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I joined this ministry back in 2004 when it was Good Tree Ministry. Apostle Hodge has been a mentor for me all these years and now I am able to do greater things for the Kingdom because of my obedience to the Gospel.

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